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Silver adjustable bracelet with raw gemstones 'Turquoise and Onyx'

Silver adjustable bracelet with raw gemstones 'Turquoise and Onyx'

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Silver bracelet made of natural raw turquoise nuggets and faceted onyx balls. The nuggets of turquoise are irregularly shaped, with irregularities and depletions, which adds to their special charm and emphasizes their naturalness. The color scheme of each nugget is slightly different, from lighter, celadon tones to more deep shades of turquoise green. Regular onyx spheres with faceting adding elegance break the character of the composition, while adding colorful clarity.

Complementing the stones are subtle spacers made of rondelles of silver-plated hematite. The bracelet is adjustable in length via a chain eyelet clasp. Lobster pinch clasp made of bright silver. The whole piece is made of 925 sterling silver.

Onyx spheres are 6 mm (ca. 0.24in) in diameter, and turquoise nuggets are 6 / 8 mm (ca. 0.24 / 0.31in).
Length of bracelet adjustable: 16 cm - 20,5 cm (ca. 6.30 - 8.07in).

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