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Necklace with engraved brass pendant and smoky quartz 'Autumn Cracow'

Necklace with engraved brass pendant and smoky quartz 'Autumn Cracow'

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Necklace in tones of brown, purple and red. A soft, vegan suede-look strap in purple complements the bowl of beads. Fine glass beads in dark chocolate color, intertwine with pearls in golden beige, along with glass beads in heather, gray, warm honey and purple. A brass pendant, decorated with an engraving in the form of leaves, hangs in the center. The autumn leaves are covered with enamel in yellow ochre and maroon. The bottom of the pendant is decorated with a smoothly polished nugget of smoky quartz. The whole necklace is framed with brass, copper and dark silver elements. Clasp formed by hand of hook type. The length of the necklace is 83 cm (ca. 32.68in).

The length of the entire pendant is 5,5 cm (ca. 2.16in).
The dimensions of the brass pendant are 3 cm / 1,7 cm (ca. 1.18in / 0.67in).
The dimensions of the smoky quartz are 1,5 cm / 1 cm (ca. 0.59in / 039in).
The size of the glass beads is 0,4 cm to 0,8 cm (ca. 0.16 - 0.31in).

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